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The Actor’s Atelier is an acting school that believes there is always a next step, and every actor needs a studio in which to take it. Our acting classes ask students to lean into the parts of themselves and their work in which they aren't yet comfortable yet or skilled. No one grows without failure and every actor needs a safe place to try new things, to stretch past their current abilities and to discover that kind of magic that only comes from big risk and unknowns. Since the auditioning room and set are places carved out for success instead of growth, The Atelier is where actors go to try, try, and try again until they are ready to take it to the room. The Atelier is an acting school committed to helping you find your best work, succeed in presenting your best work in the auditioning room and on set, keeping you flexible, and challenging your abilities to make you as versatile and bookable as an actor can be. 

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Originally hailing from Calgary Alberta, Anna has spent 20 years as a working actor in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Growing up in Calgary, Anna had to figure out how to break into the industry with no connections and very limited opportunities. Since then Anna has been offered series regular roles, MOW leads, recurrings, guest stars and worked for companies such as Legendary Pictures, The CW, Netflix, SyFy, Hallmark, CBS, Lifetime and Fox. Her work as an actor has been singled out by notable publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Reuters and The New Yorker. She has an extensive resume but still considers her greatest accomplishment to be ditching the side job years ago as she continues to work in both film and television.

We are committed to teaching through support, respect and determination. 

The same is expected from you.

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